Chord Progression Generator
The composer app for your tracks!

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How does it work?

Generate Chord Progressions

Press the shuffle button to generate a Chord Progression. Do this until you find one that you like.

Export as a midi file

Export the Chord Progression you like as a midi file. Including Chords and Bassline.

Use it in your DAW

Import it into any DAW and adjust it.
And then you can focus on Sound Design.
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Amazing features that will take your tracks to the next level!

Generate Chords

The app generates Chord Progressions that will always sound great.

Choose the scale

Choose the scale you like and the app will generate only Chord Progressions in the chosen scale.

Midi Export

Export the Chord Progression as a midi file and import it into your music project in your DAW!

Chord Variations

With Chord variations the generated Chord Progressions  become even more emotional.

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No music theory knowlege required

All the music theory need is already included in the Chord Progression Generator.
The chords will always sound harmonic.

Works both on iPhone and iPad

Generate your chords whether you are at home with your iPad or if you are on the way with your iPhone.

App Store Reviews

One of the best apps I’ve had for helping me make songs!
Digital Musicians/Producers this is an invaluable app to have when you open your DAW-I do. Not having any formal training in music theory is no longer a hindrance.
Beat Kai 714
I really like this app. It’s a very useful tool! I don’t know how to play the piano, so sometimes struggle with how to make chords and this app helps me! 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽
Excellent app, helps me a lot when I’m in non-creative mood.
Actually, this is the best app for producers, it will help you a lot, I was using this for a month, and it’s incredible, it has a lot of progressions, also you can choose your preferences, you can change of instrument (there’s A LOT OF instruments to choose), everything it’s great, as I said, it’s a big help for producers
I actually like this app, because it's simple to use and it gave me some great ideas for my next track